Doug Hammer is an explorer. He is drawn to uncommon, yet exciting natural landscapes and formations. As a professional introvert, he is renewed by out-of-the-way, secluded and solitary locations, where he can experience God's creation, pray and photograph.

Doug's website is a collection of photographic reminders of places he has explored. In other words, although viewers like you may enjoy the website, Doug uses this site more like a journal or diary to help him re-experience the unique and awesome places he has visited.

Doug's photography is not for income or notoriety, although both are welcome. For him, photography is a reason to explore. What a beautiful and interesting world we live in!

The photograhs on his website represent unique split-second moments in time when exploration, art and science converge.

Doug is not primarily a photographer. He is a management consultant; that's how this explorer is funded. 

As far as photographic experience is concerned, Doug has designed and built view cameras, spent numerous hours in a darkroom, and twice served as a technical assistant at the Ansel Adams workshops in Yosemite Valley and Pebble Beach.