I am an explorer. Uncommon natural landscapes and unusual formations call to me. As a professional introvert, I am renewed and recharged by out-of-the-way, secluded and solitary locations, where I can experience God's creation, pray, and photograph.

The purpose of this website is to collect and hold favorite places. In other words, although viewers like you may enjoy these photographs, the website is used more as a journal to record these wonderful places.

The website images represent unique split-second moments in time when exploration, art and science converge to capture a unique memory of a time and place worth remembering.

I do not make a living with photography. Organizational and management consulting help fund exploration and photography.

As far as photographic experience is concerned, I designed and built view cameras, spent numerous hours in darkrooms, and served as a technical assistant to Ansel Adams at his workshops in both Yosemite Valley and Pebble Beach.

Psalm 19

Doug Hammer